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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 Windows 7 Problems

    by on Aug 6th, 2013 Windows 7 Troubleshooting

    There is no doubt about the efficiency of Windows 7, its faster than Vista, makes better use of your system resources and packed with amazing features. However, like many other operating systems out there, Windows 7 too generates complication that might make your computing experience rather irritating and annoying. The problems with Windows 7 are not very big and it can be resolved if you take care of some simple points.


    iYogi analyses top 5 user complaints related to Windows 7

    DVD Drive not found: This is the most common problem that iYogi users report at complaint form. Many a times, your system shows a message ‘DVD Drive may not be found’, even if it’s visible in the BIOS and using the standard driver. Though there is no exact reason found for this issue yet you can avoid the problem by running REGEDIT in your system.

    iPhone won’t sync in Windows 7: This is the second most common problem that iYogi users report at complaint form. Many users find it difficult to sync their iPhone with Windows 7 system, particularly 64-bit Windows 7 system. One strong solution to encounter this problem is disabling USB power management. By doing so, you will be able to sync iPhone in Windows 7.

    Missing Explorer Folders: This is the third most common problem that iYogi users encounter while assessing their computers. They often find Internet Explorer missing from the desktop and start menu, nevertheless, to find missing Explorer, you can click on Tools>Folder Options, click “show all folders”, and then click OK. By doing so, you will be able to reappear all your top-level system folders along with Internet Explorer.

    DVD Audio problem: It is true that Windows 7 runs smoothly in your system and it runs even well on notebooks but the DVD audio issues seem to be very common for almost every Windows 7 user. Due to this problem, the movie or video sound appears to be unintelligent and dull. To encounter this issue, iYogi suggests you to launch to Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and right-click your current default playback device. Soon after, click Advanced and clear settings at Exclusive Mode Box and Click OK.

    Poor Video quality: This too is one of the most common problems that iYogi users report at complaint form. The most common reason for this problem is Windows 7 power plan settings that usually affect your software because of which your video playback quality seems poor. To encounter the issue, you can launch Start menu, type Power Options and click the Power Options link. Follow the steps, by clicking Change Plan Settings, and then click Change Advanced Settings and set “Optimize performance” in place of “Playing video.”

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 User Complaints related to Wired Router

    by on Jul 5th, 2013

    Have you ever imagined how would it be working without network connection? Yes, it would be very difficult. Network connection plays an important role in connecting people across the world and working without network is almost impossible. A wired router helps connecting you to the other users and provides network connection across your home or office devices with the help of wires. Any problem with the router or its wire can lead to no network connection. Therefore, it’s important to maintain and resolve the technical snags with the wired router time to time. iYogianalyzes top 5 user complaints related to wired router and tell you what makes your wired router run slow at times.

    Network connection problem: This is one of the most common problem users report on iYogi Complaints form. The network connection problem can be due to disturbance in the line, low network signals, or problem with the equipment. In any of the case, iYogi suggests that you check the wire connection of your device and fix it manually if it is not fixed properly. You can also check the network status on your computer and reconnect your device in case it is not connected properly.

    Difficult to set-up: This is the second most common problem that users report on iYogi Complaints form. A wired router is set-up with the help of wired connection and therefore, you face problems in connecting them at your home or office. iYogi suggests you to place your router in an open and strategic area as it will be easy for you to set-up the device. Keep the wires clutter free and make sure that it connects well with the equipment.

    Slow performance: This is yet another problem that users report at iYogi Complaints form. The slow performance of wired router can be because of limited network connection and disturbance in the wired line. iYogi suggests that you keep updating your router and connect minimum devices to the wired network as it will be able to provide strong connection.

    Unmanageable: Many user believes that wired routes are difficult to manage as they come with long set of complicated wires. The users have even report the issue at iYogi Complaint form. Well, the most common reason for this issue is that wired router comes with long wires; however, you can deal with them, if you manage them properly and keep them at a clean and mess-free space. You can also tie the extra wires to manage them properly.

    No Internet connection: This is another common problem that users report at iYogi Complaints form. This usually happens when you move your router to a new location or switch it on and off repeatedly. For this, iYogi suggest that you avoid changing the location of your wired router frequently and restart your router in case it shows no Internet connection.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 user complaints related to computer

    by on Jun 17th, 2013

    Have you ever imagined how would it be working without a PC? Yes, it would be very difficult. Well, a PC is an important device both in our personal and professional life and carrying day-to-day activities without it is almost impossible. A personal computer is built to last for almost a decade, however ill maintenance and technical snags result intolose of computer performance speed. iYogi analyzes top 5 user complaints related to computer and tell you what makes our PC run so slow at times.

    1.       Computer performance slows down: This is the most common problem that the iYogi subscribers face while running a PC. One of the most common and biggest reasons for this problem is lack of maintenance of the computer. The fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware, and load of unnecessary programs and services, together can slow down or destroy your computer completely. iYogi suggest that you manage and clean these unwanted files and damaged folders time-to-time. This can help you increase the speed of your computer.

     2.       Lockup, freezes, and blue screen error: This is a bit more serious problem that iYogi subscribers face in their day-to-day life. This mainly causes due to spyware and to avoid the problem, iYogi advices you to update your anti-spyware program daily. If you update your anti-spyware program regularly, you can avoid having a serious spyware problem in your PC. iYogi also suggests that you also update your hardware drivers time-to-time as it can save your computer from falling into bigger spyware trouble.

    3.       The computer reboots or turns itself off: The computer problems are somewhere or the other related to hardware drives. Your computer reboots or turns off occasionally because there might be some problem with the power supply or its cooling fan might have become dirty or defective. iYogi suggests that you clean the fan once in a while and make sure it runs properly. Also, if your fan is functional, check your power supply.

    4.       Strange noises and vibrations: A computer is made of thousands of individual parts and there are possibilities that they can become unhinged at any point of time. Overheating can expand or melt wires in a computer and this can result into unbalancing of components. This can be the reason why iYogisubscribers face problems like strange noises and vibrations. iYogi advices you to run a small investigation and check which part is making the noise. However, this problem cannot be solved on your own and you might have to call your computer tech.

    5.       Your homepage, default search engine, or web browser automatically changes: This problem is often termed as high-jacking. This happens at the time of spyware attack, which might get installed in your computer while you check social networking websites or any e-mail link. The spyware installs a java script into your web browser and sends message to your computer to change homepage, default search engine, or web browser. To handle this issue, iYogi suggests that you update your anti-spyware program regularly and keep a check at the virus activity time-to-time.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 Mouse Cursor problems

    by on May 30th, 2013

    A mouse cursor is a pointing device used in a computer to indicate various positions, icons, and devices on the monitor or computer screen. It is often shaped like an arrow that points at different position and moves while the user moves the mouse on mouse pad.

    A modern mouse has two distinctive buttons, the primary button (left button) and the secondary button (right button) attached with a mouse wheel in the center. While the left click (left button) is used to select any file, folder, icon, or program, the right click (right button) is used to see a menu of shortcuts of the same file, folder, icon, or program.

    Another important function of mouse cursor is double clicking. A double click helps open folders, programs, documents, etc, and gives information of what is inside it. Other uses of mouse cursor are pointing, clicking, selecting, moving, resizing, splitting, scrolling, panning, and zooming.  iYogianalyzes top five issues with mouse cursor that the users often complain about.

    Top 5 Mouse Cursor Complaints

    Mouse Cursor doesn’t move smoothly:

    The rough functioning of mouse cursor is the most common problem that iYogi customers usually face. The most expected cause for unsmooth mouse cursor is the presence of dust in the mouse sensor or mouse surface. iYogi suggests that you should do a proper cleaning of the mouse surface, mouse mat, or desk and make sure that no dust enters the mouse cursor or sensor. Another reason for this break down can be a glossy mouse surface. iYogi advises you to use a mouse mat instead of glossy pad.

    Mouse pointer freezes:

    There are various reasons why a mouse pointer get freeze. First, it can be the fault of your CPU (Central Processing Unit) second, there can many programs running together at one time, and third, you might have double clicked one file, folder, or program again and again. iYogi suggests that you should update your computer if the mouse pointer is freezing every now and then. You can also power off the system for a while and again power back and see if it’s running smoothly.

    Mouse pointer too slow/fast:

    There are occasions when the mouse pointer works either too slow or too fast, the most expected reason for this is the improper settings in the mouse properties. iYogi suggests you to make the changes in the mouse properties at the Control Panel as per your convenience and need.

    Mouse Cursor not visible:

    Though very rare, but this happens when there is a problem with the settings of the mouse properties. iYogi advices you to correct the settings of the mouse in the Control Panel and make changes as per your convenience.

    Problem with double clicking:

    Again the cause for the problem in double clicking can be with the settings of the mouse properties of your system. However, there are instances when it is found that the mouse itself was at the fault whenever there is an issue with double clicking. iYogi suggests you to correct the settings of the mouse properties to resolve the problem or simply change the mouse.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 User Complaints Related to Network Connections

    by on May 30th, 2013

    Network connections

    Network connection enables a user to get Internet connection in his or her computer, laptop, or tablet using Internet connectivity. With the help of network connections, one can connect to the local or remote network resources very easily. A network connection allows communication and data exchange between systems, software applications, and users. The computer or laptop used in the network to originate, route, and terminate the date are called ‘Nodes’, and the cable or wireless used to interconnect the devices are called ‘networking hardware.’ iYogi helps its subscribers who report different types of problems related to network connections.

    Top 5 common problems related to network connections
    1. Cable problem: It is the most common problem of the network issues. The cable starts creating problems in providing a smooth-free network flow when it is not properly fixed or when it is been cut or shortened. The later usually happens when the wire conductor gets in touch with another conductive surface, changing the path of the signal. iYogi suggests users to use cable testers to identify problems like cut cable, incorrect cable connections, cable shorts, interference level, and connector problem.

    2. Connectivity issue: The connectivity issue might occur because of two reasons, first when a change is made in the configuration settings, and second when there is break down in connectivity device such as hub, router, or a switch. iYogi suggests user to check the connectivity settings at the control panel whenever the connection is not smooth and test the connectivity component to check if it is working properly.

    3. Network crash: The network collision is a result of bad network setup or plan, and it also happens when the user transfers a lot of data. The two things often slow down the speed of the network connection. iYogi advices the user to transfer limited data at a time and do a regular check of network setup.

    4. Problem of IP Addressing and network card: Every system uses its own IP address, however the problem arises when two machines try to use the same IP address. The network cards on other hand enables computer to link and any fault with network card can lead to connectivity issue. iYogi suggests you to change the IP address for the computer and handle the network card issue by checking its function on other system. If it doesn’t function well, this means you have to change the network card.

    5. Firewall status issue: Firewall provides necessary security to the computer but sometimes it also interferes with the file sharing technique on connected computers. However, you should not disable the security features as it can make your computer vulnerable to attacks but lowering the security levels can help you. iYogi advices the user to adjust the Firewall settings to allow networked computer to share data.

    By knowing the problems related to your network connections, you can easily improve the functioning of your computer and network together.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 User Complaints Related to Wireless Router

    by on May 30th, 2013

    Wireless routers have revolutionized our lives by providing us smooth and comfortable network connection at every part of our home or office without any hassle of wire connection. A wireless router can give an easy access to more than two computers at a time; however it comes with several problems that affects the free-flow Internet connection.
    iYogi analyzes top 5 complaints that users face while connecting to the wireless router:

    1. Wireless router slow down: Slowing down is the most common problem that iYogi subscribers face while accessing the Internet using wireless routers. There are two common reasons for this slow down. First, it can be because of the presence of other electronic devices, which functions on 2.5GHz band same as your router and second, there are possibilities that your neighbors are using the same channel as your router. iYogi suggests that you modify the channel of your router either by going into the device’s setup control or changing it manually. Also, make sure that your router is not placed with any of the electronic device that has same 2.5Ghz band as your router.

    2. Router gets locked: This is second most common issue that iYogi subscribers face while using their wireless routers. It usually happens when the user lost their password and can’t access the router features. To solve this problem, iYogi suggests that you reset the device to factory default settings. For this, you have to press a reset button recessed into the back of the device.

    3. Router shows no Wi-Fi signals: Every time you move to your terrace, your wireless router shows no Wi-Fi signals? Well, this the third most common problem iYogi subscribers face and the most obvious reason for this is that your router stops giving signals once you move out from its range. To solve this, you can take the help of Powerline Networking Gear, which can be connected with help of two adapters. iYogi suggests that you plug one adapter near the equipment you want to network and another one near your router. Next solution is obvious that you start using Internet within the range of your wireless router signals.

    4. No Internet connection: This is fourth most common problem iYogi subscribers face while connecting wireless router at their home or office. This usually happens when you move your router and modem to a new location and your Windows don’t support your router and shows no Internet connection. To solve this, iYogi suggests that you find the parental control button of your router and press it.

    5. It gets slow while you play games: It is the fifth most common issue iYogi subscribers face while playing online games using wireless router. It happens when there are too many games open together, when there is a crowded 2.5GHz band on your router, or when a router is not optimized for game playing. To solve this, iYogi suggests that you either use gaming routers or connect gaming adapters to your existing network in order to increase the speed of your network.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 User Complaints Related Computer Processor

    by on Mar 22nd, 2013

    The computer processor or the central processing unit nestled core hardware chips and parts. The computer processor is considered the brain of the computer as it serves all the operations of a computer. The computer processor processes all types of data tracking and transferring operations. For this reason, even minor issues with any parts inside CPU may create severe troubles for computer users since respective software drivers and operating systems are connected to hardware components latched inside a computer processor. iYogi helps its subscribers who report different types of problems related to computer processor.

    iYogi analyzes top 5 iYogi complaints related to computer processor:

    1. Sluggish performance of a computer
    Slow or poor computer performance is one of the problems to be registered on iYogi complaints form. There are several reasons why a computer processor may fail to process data and deteriorate the performance of a computer. These are low or lack of maintenance, fragmented disk, corrupted computer registry and many more. Any unnecessary software or outdated software may also reduce the performance of a computer. In such cases, iYogi suggests or helps users remove the software. It also optimizes and tunes up the computer to improve the speed of the computer.

    2. Freezing and shut down of computer
    Both software and hardware components of a computer may lead to freezing and frequent shutting down of a computer. When computer processor fail to process and send data to the destination application or part of the PC, your computer may slow down, stops responding to your input and freezes occasionally. In order to solve these problems, iYogi advises users to updating the device driver.

    3. Overheating
    Another recurrent issue that occurs with computer CPU is overheating of computer. When computer processor has to work on multiple applications and has to process huge data fast, the CPU will produce heat. iYogi advises its subscribers to check with the computer fan. If the laptop or desktop fan fails to cool down, users need to plug in an external fan to cool off the OC and prevent your PC from harmful exposure to heat which may severly damage your PC.

    4. Processor cannot recognize operating system
    Another common problem with computer processor is that the CPU may fail to recognize existing operating system installed on the PC. If the central processing unit is updated for the existing operating system, then you may face such errors. iYogi advises its users to an updated version to the latest and compatible version.

    5. Software updates
    If the user fails to do update some important or recommended software updates, they may face such issues. iYogi suggests users to ensure that they download and install all important software updates on their computer, from time to time.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 User Complaints Related Graphics Card

    by on Mar 7th, 2013

    Graphics card is a crucial hardware component of a computer that it enables displaying graphics on the monitor. The graphics card is attached with the motherboard inside the CPU of a computer. Functions of a graphics card are governed by a respective graphics card driver. Hence, many errors related to a graphics card occurs in relation to the graphics card driver such as outdated graphics card driver, driver conflicts with the operating system, missing, installing and uninstalling of a graphics card. Especially if the user has recently upgraded the OS of the computer or installed a new graphics card, then the user may face graphics card problems such as missing graphics card, incompatible graphics card driver, and blank screen among others. iYogi received many such problems related to graphics card.

    iYogi analyzes top 5 iYogi complaints related to graphics card:

    Faulty display with the screen is smaller or larger than actual size
    This is one of the most common graphics card problems reported on iYogi complaints form. iYogi suggests its subscribers to check for the screen resolution. Such issues surface when the screen resolution is wrongly set while configuring Windows OS. In order to set the screen resolution, users should access ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Display Settings’ and adjust the screen resolution as per the requirement. If the problem still persists then, iYogi recommends users to install or upgrade the graphics card.

    The flickering screen
    Flickering screen is display problem which is related to the graphics card in a computer. When such problem is registered on the iYogi complaints form, iYogi suggests its subscribers to reset the ‘refresh rate’ of the display.

    Blank computer screen
    There are a few points users need to check when they complain black computer screen problem on iYogi complaints form. This problem could be led by a faulty graphics card if the card is not properly installed in the graphics card slot.

    Display shows no colors but blue, purple and pink
    When users notice that the monitor only displays no other colors but blue, pink or purple shades, then iYogi suggests its users to check the color depth if it is properly set. They need to access ‘display settings’ from ‘Control Panel’. If the color depth is properly set, then this problem indicates that user needs to upgrade the graphics card.

    Screen produces noise
    Most of the graphics cards feature cooling fans. This problem occurs when the cooling fan needs to be cleaned since the fan cannot be replaced separately. iYogi recommends to change the graphics card to a later version which is supported by the existing Windows OS.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 Windows Error Messages

    by on Feb 26th, 2013

    If you are highly dependent on your Windows-based computer, then it is important to learn about Windows error messages. If something goes wrong with your computer, you need to learn about how to understand those obscure error messages and how to fix those error messages. If you want to learn about most common Windows error messages, then here is a rundown of five errors messages which are most likely on Windows-based computer.

    iYogi analyzes top 5 iYogi complaints on error messages users face with their Windows-based PCs:

    • Low disk space

    This is one of the most common error messages users report on iYogi Complaints form. iYogi explains that this error message indicates that the main memory or the hard disk drive of your computer is almost full. If you receive this error message, then you need to act upon to free up some memory space immediately – erase those unimportant files and programs, take back up of all documents, music, movies, and pictures among others on an external hard disk drive.

    • Invalid Win32 application

    When a Windows-based PC user report of this “………………. Invalid Win32 application” error message on iYogi Complaints form, iYogi explains that this issue must occur when the user tries to access or open a program or file. If a file is designed to work with a specific version of Windows version, or when a 64-bit program conflicts with the 32-bit Windows machine, then you may see this error message. In that case, you need to delete the file or program in question, download the compatible version with the Windows OS installed on your system.

    • Access denied

    This is another common error message users report at iYogi Complaints form. iYogi suggests that when a user tries to access on a Windows-based computer that the user does not have access to. Such issues are most likely when a computer is being shared by multiple users, most prevalent in office environment. In that case, the user needs to seek password to open the program or file.

    • The connection was denied

    When a subscriber reports this error message on its iYogi Complaints form, iYogi technicians suggests that this issue when a user tries to access a remote desktop which is either running Windows 2008 or Windows 2003. The user was not authorized to access remote login to the desktop. In such cases, users need to get added to the users group which is given remote access to the desktop.

    • Stop error 7B

    Another prevalent error message that users complain at the iYogi Complaints form is that “Stop error 7B”. This error message occurs the hard disk drive error occurs to a PC running Windows XP operating system. If the configuration of your Windows XP-based computer does not have an essential component such as IDE controller, then this error message will pop up. The user needs to make sure that the primary and secondary components are present in the configuration of the computer.

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    iYogi Analyzes Top 5 User Complaints Related to Windows® 8 Operating System

    by on Jan 15th, 2013

    Windows 8 has become a household name among PC users across the world. You have either upgraded your computer to this new Windows 8 operating system or you might be planning to switch to this tiled fashion interface of Windows 8. Hence, it is important to understand different types of problems you may face with Windows 8 operating system. Here is a rundown of Windows 8 problems that are most frequently reported on iYogi Complaints form by its subscribers.

    iYogi analyzes top 5 iYogi complaints related to Windows 8 operating system:

    An error message: “Windows 8 installation has failed”

    Many iYogi subscribers have reported this error message on iYogi Complaints forms. But, you can solve this problem. iYogi helps its subscribers troubleshoot this Windows 8 installation problem by taking remote access of their PC. However, you may resolve this issue on your own. First, check minimum system requirements for upgrading to Windows 8. iYogi recommends users to uninstall third-party software and antivirus by removing those programs in a USB flash drive. Next, restart the PC, close all non-essential software and application and select ‘install only’ by doing a CleanBoot. If your download file is corrupt, then you need to download a new ISO file. Once the ISO file downloaded, reinstall Windows 8.

    You hear no sound on Windows 8

    This is another frequently reported problem on iYogi Complaints form. When users face this issue, iYogi asks to check if the sound card is functioning properly from ‘Device Manager’ option. From there, users can find out if the PC has a sound card or a sound processor preloaded or if it is working right. If the driver for the device is not installed, then users need to install a driver in Windows 8 compatible mode. If the driver is outdated or corrupted, then consider updating drivers.

    Windows 8 black screen

    Many users have registered Windows 8 black screen issue. iYogi guides users who are facing a Windows 8 users to reboot their PC by pressing the power button. Reboot the PC in the Safe Mode, disable or uninstall third party software, antivirus and unplug all external devices (except two essential keyboard and mouse). Check if the graphics drivers are compatible from Windows Compatibility Center. If you want help with installing/uninstalling/reinstalling a Windows 8-based graphics driver, the post your requirements at iYogi Complaints form.

    Cannot install or recognize Windows 8-based drivers

    Many users seek help with installing Windows 8-based drivers on iYogi Complaints form. If you want to do it on your own, then update the driver in the Compatibility Mode. You may seek remote tech support from iYogi to troubleshoot problems with updating drivers.

    Freezing issues on Windows 8

    Are you facing freezing issues on Windows 8? Many iYogi subscribers have already complained of this issue with the latest operating system of Microsoft on iYogi Complaints form. You may have installed or upgraded a program; in that case, disabling or uninstalling that software would resolve the issue. iYogi provides comprehensive technical support to troubleshoot driver issues. get in touch with iYogi.

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